12 oz Bagged Light Roast Coffee


See coffee descriptions below. Choose which coffee you want, and either whole bean or ground.

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Light roast coffee options, available in whole bean or ground 12 oz bags. See descriptions below.


Crimson Sunrise – floral, citrus, brown sugar

European Tour – bright, medium body

Honduran Siguatepeque (Fair Trade) – honey, baker’s chocolate, floral

Guatemalan Olopa (Fair Trade) – brown sugar, caramel, toast

Costa Rican Tarrazu – dark chocolate, nuts, fruit

Brazilian Bourbon – fruity, low acidity, nutty

Columbian Supremo – vanilla, fruit, berries

Flowing Amazon (Organic) – semi-sweet chocolate, vanilla, citric acidity

Sumatran Mandheling – spicy, earthy, cocoa

Colombian Cencoic – pear, honeydew melon

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Crimson Sunrise, European Tour, Honduran Siguatepeque (FT), Guatemalan Olopa (FT), Costa Rican Tarrazu, Brazilian Bourbon, Columbian Supremo, Flowing Amazon (O), Sumatran Mandheling, Colombian Cencoic

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Whole Bean, Ground


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